More Proof Of Future & Lori Harvey's Nigerian Baecation Surface

Future and Lori Harvey have been the talk of the town these past few months. Especially considering that the two have been coined as the most savage when it comes to love and relationships. To think that they joined forces and became an item is an interesting idea many have entertained for months now. As such, since then, social media has numerously attempted to find proof of their union. For instance, we most recently reported on both Future and Lori potentially spending part of the holidays together in Lagos, Nigerian. Future posted on his Instagram story to let his Nigerian fans know that he’ll be performing in Lagos on Sunday, December 29th. Lo and behold, a very special lady in his life is also visiting Lagos this weekend, according to her post on Instagram. Lori shared a photo of herself looking gorgeous in a tight, strapless, black dress on her Instagram on Saturday, tagging her current location as “Lagos, Nigeria.” We then wondered whether or not these two were spending this time together on an African baecation.