Gunna Accused Of Snitching After Footage Of Him On "Crimestoppers" Surfaces

Young Thug just launched his long-teased clothing brand, SPIDER. While many are excited to finally cop clothes from the fashion icon, Baton Rouge rapper Tec is not so thrilled about the brand, specifically due to its name. Tec’s record label is called Spider Nation, so he sees SPIDER as Thug stealing his image. Tec went on IG Live and threatened to leak footage of Gunna, Thug’s close friend and collaborator, on Crimestoppers

Lo and behold, Tec posted the clip of a young Sergio Kitchens (Gunna) on the TV program, simultaneously slandering him for snitching. If you listen to the clip, Gunna appears to be absolving his relative of a crime for which he was wrongly committed. The video of Gunna on Crimestoppers has started making its rounds on social media and people don’t know how to feel about it. Considering Tec is shouting over the clip he posted, it’s hard to hear what Gunna is saying and know the whole context of the situation in question. Gunna seemed to respond by writing, “And u better do the history on this case a n**** smoked.”