Freeway Rick Ross Believes Entertainers Would Rather Be Famous Than Rich

Although hip hop culture is saturated in flashing cash, luxury homes, and expensive items, it’s an unspoken fact that not all artists are ballin’ out of control. Many feed into the illusion that they have a plethora of zeroes in their bank accounts in order to keep up with a persona and to sell records. FreewayRick Ross has made it clear that he knows from first-hand experience that artists aren’t bringing in checks as they claim, insisting that some artists are rappers by trade and undercover drug dealers by profession.

“They blast these guys out… You know, ’cause they say some of these guys are worth $600 million, but they have absolutely no footprint in the neighborhoods. You don’t see anything that they have done in the community. Like LeBron James. He built a school! You understand what I’m sayin’? He took some money and he actually went and built a school because the money that he’s made is more money than he know that he can ever spend, so he was willing to give something back.”

“You have these other guys who we all think are rich and they don’t have any money. ‘Cause it’s a difference between being famous and rich. See, I’m…

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