Young Dolph Is Stunned After Getting Finessed By Atlanta Kid

Young Dolph has always been championed for his hustler’s mentality. It’s something that you consistently hear in his music, see in the way he moves in the industry, and overall, something that he embodies. Most recently, the rapper was in Atlanta with some of his people when he was approached by a young kid. After the kid asked for money, Dolph later found out that it was really a quick lick.

In a video uploaded to social media, Young Dolph narrated a video of a kid with a stack of cash in his hands while looking like he was waiting for the bus to go to school. Dolph explained that the kid pulled up and said that he didn’t have any money, prompting the rapper’s friend to hand over some cash to him.

“Magic gave this n***a $60, man. He told me he had no money. Look at him over there countin’ it up,” he said. “Look at him. Scooter, what you did to these young n***as, man. You get these young n***as finessin’ they ass off my boy.” The kid later turns…

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