Snoop Dogg Rips Lakers Bench While Defending OJ Simpson: Watch

Many Los Angeles Lakers fans were upset after the team lost to the Los Angeles Clippers on Christmas Day. The Clippers are the team’s biggest rival right now and fans were expecting them to pull off a win. One of the Lakers’ biggest critics following the loss was none other than Snoop Dogg who absolutely went off on the team’s performance. In his first video, Snoop says the Lakers ruined his Christmas and that many of them need to learn how to shoot.

Now, Snoop is back with yet another video except this time, he is taking aim at the Lakers’ bench players. As he explains, the guys on the bench need to start hitting the gym. They haven’t been making shots and Snoop feels like they are bringing down LeBron who is still playing at an elite level. 

At the end of the video, Snoop reveals his OJ Simpson…

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