Meek Mill Roasts Tory Lanez Hard: "You The Most Cockiest N***a"

Confidence and cockiness are two very different things. Somebody that’s confident genuinely does not care about what people around them think. Somebody that’s cocky will go out of their way to remind someone that they’re the shit. The two are not necessarily interchangeable, although they can be shared personality traits. Tory Lanez had a message for cocky people who don’t really have a reason to brag all that much, telling them to pipe down on social media because, honestly, they’re not in a position to do so. Meek Mill saw his post and decided to roast the Canadian artist, reminding him that he’s actually one of the cockiest people on the planet.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Popping up in Tory Lanez’ replies, Meek Mill felt the need to activate his Twitter fingers for a quick troll-job, telling the recording artist that he’s being a little hypocritical. “I can’t stand cocky people .. that have no reason to be cocky,” wrote Lanez. Meek made sure to put Tory in his place, dropping a gem and saying: “And you the most cockiest n#%ga lol.”

These two have been rumored to have beef in the past, especially after Melii signed to Tory Lanez’ label after spending time under Meek Mill’s wing. They have denied any bad blood and this is likely proof of their solid relationship. Just two guys playing around.

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