Damon Dash Reportedly Sued For $50 Million Over Alleged Sexual Battery

It appears Dame Dash is the latest victim of another lawsuit. According to a report from TheBlast, Damon is being accused of sexual battery by a famed hip-hop photographer. Monique Bunn has reportedly filed a $50 million federal lawsuit against Dash, his fiancé Raquel Horn, and his entertainment companies Damon Dash Studios and Poppington LLC.

The lawsuit read, “In April 2019, Bunn was in contact with Dash and Horn. Dash wanted Bunn, an existing business associate, to meet with him and shoot new programming for Poppington and DDS.” Bunn was then flown out to Los Angeles to meet with Dash and Horn. Once arriving, she immediately started shooting the material for Dash’s companies. “At the conclusion of the evening Dash and others brought Bunn back to the Dash residence where Bunn was staying during the trip,” read the complaint. She was told she would be sleeping in Dash’s daughter’s room.

That’s where Bunn accused Dash of the sexual assault happening. “While Bunn was at the Dash residence on April 18, 2019, in the late evening, Dash sexually assaulted Bunn. While Bunn was sleeping, Dash approached Bunn and placed his hand on Bunn’s breasts and placed hands/fingers on Bunn’s buttocks. Dash did not have the permission or consent to touch Bunn’s sexual organs. Dash was wearing a robe and had no underwear on. Dash had been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana all day.”

She continued, “Upon waking up due to the unauthorized touching by Dash, Bunn was able to get Dash’s hands off her breasts and buttocks. Dash backed up and asked Bunn “what are you doing?” Bunn responded and said “I am sleeping” and “I will fight you” to Dash. Dash then left the room. Bunn was angry and frustrated by Dash’s offensive and unwanted touching. Bunn stayed at the Dash residence and did not sleep that evening.”

The next day, she accuses Dash of telling her he had a deal with WE tv to shoot a docu-series based on the photographer….

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