Snoop Dogg Finds Donald Trump's Long-Lost Tupac-Inspired Mixtape Tracklist

Snoop Dogg absolutely rules on social media. Perhaps his only competition is 50 Cent, another OG that has taken a typically-millennial platform and shifted it on its head to become its leader. Each time these two update their feeds, hundreds of thousands come running to leave comments, double-tap the upload and share it with their friends. Whereas Fiddy’s page is much more troll-based, Snoop Dogg’s is playful and wholesome, often including shots of his family and dad-joke memes. This morning, the latter was in action when he created a tracklist worthy of the recently-impeached forty-fifth President of the United States.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Basing Donald Trump’s mixtape after Tupac’s classic Me Against The World, Uncle Snoop shared a bunch of appropriate song titles that Trump could have written himself. After peeping this, we seriously want to hear the President hop in the studio and let out some bars about Russia, lies, and generally just being a terrible person. The back cover includes such hits as “Stormy [Daniels] Got A Baby,” “Russia Love,” “All Lies On Me,” “Hit…

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