Lil Wayne Jokes About Private Jet Fed Search: "All Goody"

If you follow Lil Wayne on social media, you know that the legendary rapper is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers. He regularly sends out messages on their game days, wishing the team luck and cheering them on from afar as he travels the world and performs for the masses. A troubling report was released last night when news outlets began noting that Lil Wayne was the passenger on a private plane that was being searched by the feds. There have been limited updates on the matter but, thankfully, Weezy F Baby chimed in to let us know he’s doing just fine after the fiasco.

Mark Brown/Getty Images

The rapper’s jet was searched last night and federal authorities ended up finding guns and drugs on board. However, it would appear as though Wayne is safe and hasn’t gotten in any trouble with the police. He joked about the affair online, assuring all his fans that he’s doing okay. “All goody! I think they thought I was talking abt a different ‘Pack’ in my last tweet,” laughed the superstar, referring to his previous tweet about football. “But anyway GO PACK GO!!!”

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