Kris Jenner Essentially Bought Stormi A House For Christmas

Kylie Jenner has been reviving her YouTube vlog to give us a glimpse of how she celebrates the holidays. Last week’s episode showed her going with her mother, Kris Jenner, to the San Fernando shelter to distribute meals and gifts and then ended with her giving a brief tour of the Christmas decorations in her Calabasas mansion. Kylie just shared another vlog that provides a more in-depth rundown of the decorations. 

She starts off by showing her Christmas tree, which she guestimated to be about 18 feet tall. “This year I decided to go really simple,” she says, even though it looks like the damn Rockefeller Center tree. Beside the tree is a matching white sleigh to hold all of Stormi’s gifts. However, that sleigh is not nearly big enough to hold the gift that grandma Kris got for Stormi. 

The second half of the episode shows Stormi being brought into the backyard to be surprised with her new playhouse. When you think playhouse, you’re probably picturing a little plastic structure from Little Tikes that has just enough space for a small child to stand in the middle. Stormi’s playhouse… is not…

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