Johnny Depp Preaches His Innocence In Text Messages With Amber Heard's Parents

Johnny Depp is still very much dealing with the numerous domestic assault charges Amber Heard has claimed she was a victim of in their relationship. Amber has accused Johnny of throwing a phone in her face and inflicting physical pain on her but Johnny maintained his innocence and even claimed that Amber painted bruises on herself in his defamation case against her. 

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The Blast has now got its hands on text messages Johnny sent to Amber’s parents, stating he in no way has ever hurt Amber and she will always be the love of his life. “I will never understand how we got here, my love for your daughter has been constant and impenetrable!!! but, we are divorcing because i was 2 hours late for her birthday dinner, because i was in a meeting with new business manager and the bank…also, she knew I was going to be late!!!” he wrote in one text to Amber’s mother, Paige Heard. “I texted her from the meeting… she treated me like a red-headed stepchild in front of all her friends and it only got worse when we came home, she got violent and i left, as i always do when she decides to get violent with me. her charges against me are simply not…

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