DJ Khaled Shows Travis Scott Looking Unrecognizable Without Signature Braids

DJ Khaled is a fan of the Throwback Thursday and Vintage Friday trends, and this time around, he really delivered with the nostalgia. On Friday, Khaled took to Instagram to give us a blast from the past. Though Khaled look almost identical to how he looks today, the gentleman to his right looks practically unrecognizable. Mr. Travis Scott can be seen next to Mr. Khaled in the throwback photo, but if you didn’t read the caption, you may not even know it’s him!

Khaled gave the post a very straightforward caption: “TRAVIS AND KHALED Vintage FRIDAYS @travisscott ????????.” Travis’ signature braids are nowhere to be found, which heavily contributes to how different he looks compared to today. The two have collaborated on plenty of projects in the past, including four tracks off…

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