"Black Ink Crew" Star Charmaine Walker Admits She's "Nervous" To Give Birth

Charmaine Walker announced at the top of the month the she and Nick Bey were expecting their first child due in March 2020. Shortly after, the Black Ink Crew star then came through with another announcement letting everyone know that she and Nick officially tied the knot. “We decided that we just wanted to be together. It was just kind of like we’re already engaged, so we’re obviously going to get married. Why wait? You know, obviously the cameras play a big part in our lives, so we just wanted to do something for us,” she said. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images 

Now that she’s further along in her pregnancy, Charmaine has opened up toPEOPLE about her pregnancy so far, admitting that she’s had some “miserable” moments but for the most part the journey “has been amazing.”

“I was tired and had morning sickness with bad headaches and my third trimester is quickly getting more difficult because I’m working so much and I’m getting tired so fast,” she…

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