Julian Edelman Goes Off On Spygate 2 & Patriots Cheating Allegations

Over the past two decades, the New England Patriots have faced their fair share of scandals. Of course, in 2007, they had to go through the whole Spygate thing and in 2019, they’re going through it all over again. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Patriots were accused of spying on the Cincinnati Bengals sideline even though they maintain it was for a documentary and not for the coaching staff. The Patriots are dealing with the “cheating” moniker again although they seem pretty unbothered by it all.

Star wide receiver Julian Edelman recently made an appearance on WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show, where he answered a question about Spygate 2.0. In true Patriots player fashion, Edelman claimed the allegations were a “joke” and “ridiculous.” Essentially, no one on the Patriots is too concerned about this.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much a joke,” Edelman said. “We haven’t even thought about it, honestly. We…

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