Chance The Rapper Gets British While Subbing In For James Corden On "Late Late"

Chance the Rapper continues to take steps towards establishing a career in comedy. After performing a stand-up set at Chicago’s Laugh Factory, he mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he’s interested in pursuing stand-up as a profession. He then proved his skills when serving as host for a hilarious Halloween episode of Saturday Night Live. Now, Chance was selected to sub in for James Corden, as The Late Late Show host went on vacation.

On Monday night, Chance stepped out to perform the customary opening monologue. The pressure to fill Corden’s shoes may have gotten to him because he feigned a British accent to sound more like him. After the Chicago-native was told he could ditch the accent, he continued on with his jokes about current events. Chance also spearheaded a segment that involved asking random people on the street to cry for $100. One participant in particular got really into it and made Chance so uncomfortable that he forked over $200. Chance closed out the show with a performance of his song, “Roo” alongside his brother, Taylor Bennett. Ken Jeong will be taking over for Corden on Tuesday night’s episode of Late Late. 

This week, Chance cancelled his upcoming arena…

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