Jordan Clarkson Channels Michael Jordan With Outrageous Pre-Game Outfit

NBA pre-game entrances have turned into a runway show in recent years, as each and every team has cameras stationed in the tunnel to see what the superstars are wearing before they take the court. From the cozy to the absurd, the fit check has become as much a part of the pre-game routine as stretching and layup lines.

On Thursday night, there was one man that stole the show as he made his way to the arena. Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Jordan Clarkson rolled up in some JNCO-esque jeans that were pulled right from the Michael Jordan catalog. Clarkson paired up his outrageously baggy jeans with a well-fitting blazer and you can imagine the types of comments floating around social media.

Despite his highly questionable pre-game attire, Clarkson had himself a night on Thursday, pouring in 25 points off the bench in his 31 minutes of action as the Cavs picked up a 117-109…

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