Tara Wallace Reflects On "Love & Hip Hop" Love Triangle With Peter Gunz & Amina Buddafly

Love & Hip Hop has filmed in multiple locations for their long-running series that has spanned years, but there has never been a storyline played out on reality television like Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly, and Tara Wallace. As the series has progressed, storylines have often been “encouraged” or, as Joseline Hernandez has alleged, downright fabricated, but Peter’s love triangle was very real as it unfolded in front of the world.

VH1 caught up with Tara all of these years later to chat with her about her current thoughts on her Lve & Hip Hop appearance. “My relationship with Peter for a while has just been co-parenting,” Tara revealed. “It works well.” This is a far cry from the animosity that was played out for reality television audiences, but as the former couple share three children, they’d do anything for their sons to make life as happy as possible. 

Tara praised Peter for being a great, attentive father. “I’m not going to rob my kids of time because of whatever I could have went through,” she said. Speaking of her participation in Love & Hip Hop, Tara shared that when Peter approached her about doing the show, she couldn’t believe it. To Tara, her life was simple and “boring,” but she didn’t know that her longtime boyfriend and father of two kids at the time had married his protegé: Amina Buddafly.

Her tumultuous, and often violent, relationship with Amina was emotional to…

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