DaBaby Runs Into Upset Fan At Gas Station, Gives Her Free Tickets To His Concert

A distraught fan not only was able to meet one of her favorite artists, but he got her free tickets to his show. DaBaby is known for showing love to those who support him, so it’s not surprising that when a fan was upset about his canceled show, he made sure to take care of her. Alexandria Coleman was all set to see DaBaby perform in Washington, D.C., but due to his scheduled Saturday Night Live appearance, the rapper shifted his show from Saturday evening to Sunday night. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Alexandria said she tried to scoop a few tickets for herself and her friends, but they were sold out in the blink of an eye. She drove from Albany, New York to D.C. for the show, and one her way home, it seems as if fate was on her side. The DaBaby fan just happened to be at a gas station lamenting about missing her favorite artist while he was at the same location. In a video clip that went viral, Alexandra is filmed airing out her frustrations while DaBaby is elsewhere in the store hiding. 

Then, he makes an appearance, completely surprising his No. 1 fan, and he jumps on her…

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