LeBron James Admits Bronny Is The Superior Shooter: "Flame Thrower He Has"

LeBron James is still, even in his 17th NBA season, arguably the greatest basketball player on the planet – but even he must admit that his jumper could use some work. In fact, LeBron says he doesn’t even have the best jump shot in his family.

LeBron’s oldest son, LeBron James Jr., showed off his sweet stroke during Sierra Canyon’s recent victory, which had ESPN National Recruiting Director and NBA Draft analyst Paul Biancardi gushing about the 15-year old’s potential. Says Biancardi, “I hope LeBron is not going to get mad at me, but I think Bronny’s jump shot is a little bit better…”

LeBron not only agreed with Biancardi’s assessment, but noted that he’s probably the third best shooter in the family behind Bronny and his 12-year-old son, Bryce Maximus. The four-time NBA MVP responded to the video of Bronny’s corner three:

“Can’t ever be mad at the facts!!! Flame thrower he has! And by the way I probably got the 3rd best jump shot in the household. Bryce Maximus got a cooker too!”

Bronny, a Class of 2023 prospect, has reportedly already…

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