Nick Young Explains Why NBA Ratings Are Down

According to Nielsen figures, the NBA is having a noticeable down-year regarding viewership. Across ESPN, TNT and NBA TV the numbers are down 15% year-to-year overall. Former NBA player Nick Young expressed his theory as to why on Twitter, Friday.

“NBA rating are down because your signing a lot players nobody knows and letting your ppl champs go,” he said. “Ppl have a connection with fun players. like lance make ’em dance or jr smith the entertainment these type of players bring sell. kids love to see the air guitar after a made 3”

He continued in another tweet: “Or jr smith get hot and shoot 22 3’s and celebration after they do a park move in the game even the bad shaqin a fool haven’t been the same lol …. these are players with a all star following .. You need balance”

To his credit, Nick “Swaggy P” Young was quite the fun player to watch.

One fan had an exchange with Young in the replies saying, “As good as those people are, that’s not the reason lmaooo. Ratings are down because the warriors are a lottery team and all of the nationally televised games are teams that won’t even make the playoffs. Not to even mention…

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