K. Michelle Praises Her Body, Shares She's "Finishing Up Reconstruction"

Cosmetic surgery and body enhancements used to be a taboo topic, but in today’s culture, it’s so common that it’s almost expected. Even with all of the medical advancements to make cosmetic surgery look as natural as possible, there are still people who regret their body modifications or seek help from disreputable sources. K. Michelle, for example, has been vocal about the health issues she’s endured due to her butt injections and admitted that receiving plastic surgery was one of the worst decisions of her life.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

“I went to a person who was well known in my music circle,” the singer previously told Dr. Phil in an interview. “He was not a doctor, he does this in a hotel room, he told me it was gel—some type of gel when it was actually free-flowing silicone in your body.” After going through a long, arduous process to reconstruct her body following her health scare, K. Michelle shared a photo of herself on Instagram as a warning to others who are thinking of injecting themselves with foreign substances.

“This body of mine has been through hell! It isn’t perfect but it’s MY body,” she wrote in the caption. “This journey has been difficult but i’m a tough cookie. Proud of myself and that’s…

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