Lloyd Banks Believes Clout Chasing Has Finally Gotten "Out Of Hand"

The term “clout chasing” took over hip-hop but has since become a global phenomenon. Clout is a global currency at this point and people undoubtedly do the most just to get a bit of fame. It’s not that this is something particularly new but it has gotten pretty intense, especially because of social media.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images 

Lloyd Banks, who is the furthest thing from a clout chaser, had something to say about this recently. He took to Twitter where he shared some rare thoughts on the state of the culture and the type of things that people are doing for fame. In fact, he doesn’t even think the term clout chasing is applicable anymore. “What name did clout chasing replace?” He asked on Twitter. “I don’t think “clout chaser” is a harsh enough title for such nasty behavior..it’s getting out of hand now.”

It’s unclear what prompted this but Lloyd Banks remains relatively low key for the most part. In recent times, he hasn’t found himself in any sort of online warfare with anyone nor has he made a ton of effort to be in the spotlight. He made that clear earlier this year when a fan asked him if he was going to come out with a new project. Unfortunately, it seems like he believes that the world isn’t checking for him anymore.

Peep his tweets below. 

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