LHHNY's Mariahlynn Gets Emotional About Her Life As A Rising Star & Caregiver

Mariahlynn showed VH1’s Unveiled cameras a day in her personal life. The filming starts in the morning at the rapper’s home where she is the caretaker of her sisters and her teenage sister’s baby and then follows her to a rehearsal studio where she practices for hitting the stage. The video gets emotional at certain points when Mariahlynn is talking about her responsibilities, her mother’s problems with addiction, how she entered into foster care and then her success.

When Mariahlynn starts reflecting on her success she says, “I never thought that people would ever look at me that way. Like, I never thought that people would chant my lyrics, or buy tickets to my show to see me. And it’s like, all of these dreams are coming true and it’s because I transitioned from Mariah, the girl who was angry and upset, to Mariahlynn, the girl who is just living her dreams and is just so grateful to be able to provide for her family a better life.” 

A teary-eyed Mariahlynn continues saying, “And I just want young girls like myself who have been in foster care, who…

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