Kanye West Reportedly Spotted Wearing Nikes On Thanksgiving

Kanye West’s Yeezy brand is as successful, if not more successful, as his own music career, at least in terms of popularity. With an estimated value of over $1B, Kanye West went from fashion icon who set trends to really being able to bring his own vision to life with the Yeezy brand. It was a long time coming, though. Kanye initially had a deal with Nike, marking the company’s first non-athlete collab with the Air Yeezy.

After switching over to adidas to embark on the Yeezy venture, Kanye West couldn’t help put sh*t on Nike on a few occasions. He’s done it on wax, notably on “Facts,” where he raps, “If Nike ain’t have Drizzy, man, they would have nothin’!” He also took a few other shots at the company but you get the gist. Kanye isn’t a fan of Nike because of how they treated him in the past.

What’s strange is that despite the years of dissing Nike, Kanye was spotted in their sneakers recently. As pointed out by High Snobiety, the rapper was with his nephew Mason Disick on a shoe shopping…

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