Instagram Gallery: The Rock's Most Insane Cheat Day Meals

When it comes to cheat day meals, no one deserves a 5,000 calorie Netflix and binge session more than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. As a former professional wrestler, The Rock hasn’t let his transition to Hollywood soften his steely physique as he’s still just as buff and cut as he was in his Smackdown prime. Now a bonafide film star who consistently ranks among the world’s highest paid actors, The Rock’s ascension to the top of the entertainment industry has earned him a social media following 163 million followers deep. While The Rock often shares his insane gym routines and usual celebrity PR with his loyal following, he’s also proud to share photographic evidence that proves he indulges just as fiercely as he trains. 

“It’s very important, the cheat meals,” says The Rock during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I’m into pancakes, I’m into sushi…even more sushi, sandwiches, and for me, the cheat meals are like church. You work out hard and once a week, you treat yourself and I partake in that. I put the babies down to sleep, everyone goes to sleep and at midnight I’m like a troll all by myself.” 

To see The Rock’s wildest meals loaded with too many calories to count, check out the Instagram Gallery below.  

Midnight Sugar Train 

“Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself and enjoy your cheat meals my friends,” captioned The Rock alongside a snap of this sugary spread.  

Double Duty 

“Two fat 8oz double cheeseburgers with bacon and fries,” writes The Rock in an ode to this meaty meal. 

Cookie Heaven 

“I devoured this sugar train around midnight while sitting on my couch, watching Forensic Files md felt like a King.
And by 1am I sat there looking like a drunk Jabba the Hut who was still solving every crime before the end of each episode.
Very. Sexy,” quips The Rock in reference to his dizzying cookie binge. 

Ice Cream Date 

If you think devouring a full pint of ice cream in one go is bad for your waistline think again, because The Rock can obliterate three with just one cheat meal. 

Work Hard, Play Hard 

“If you’re gonna do it.. have fun & be EPIC,” The Rock urges his followers alongside an upload of this insane spread. 

Happy Holidays 

If you’re worried about indulging in too many sweets this holiday season, The Rock is here to remind you to treat yourself, not cheat yourself.