Nick Young Says Gilbert Arenas Shot Him With BB Gun During Team Meeting

There are plenty of pranks that go on behind-the-scenes between NBA teammates, but Gilbert Arenas is not one to be messed with. Once upon a time, Arenas and Nick Young played together on the Washington Wizards. During that era, a few of the team’s players, including Young, decided to take a trip to Arenas’s house and wake him up with paintball guns. The following day, Arenas apparently took his revenge. 

In a story shared by Young with the Certified Buckets Podcast, the Wizards gathered together for a meeting about gun safety with NBA personnel. “I’m thinking nothing of [it]. I’m thinking he ain’t gon’ do nothin’,” Young recalls. Then, in the middle of the meeting Arenas leaves, goes to Young’s locker, brings the BB gun back to the meeting, and shoots Young in the shoulder in front of everyone.

Both Young and Arenas laughed as they shared the story with Certified Buckets. Young added that everyone in the meeting acted as if nothing happened and just continued to talk about gun safety. “It didn’t make the news or nothin’!” Young stated with a smile. Over on his Instagram page, Arenas teased Young about the painful memory.

“@swaggyp1 and that’s why I’m the GOAT ???????????????? 13 teammates and 4 NBPA staff members went blind at the same time that day ????????‍♂️????????‍♂️ (Gil pulls trigger)( nick screams ????y’all ain’t gon do nothing while a bb is stuck in his shoulder)(staff sooooo like I was saying anybody have any questions about guns and the rules of carrying them before we move on to the next topic??)( #ME how long is this meeting becuz I’m hungry)(#staff we have about 1hr…

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