Jay Z's Former Friend DeHaven Talks Rapper Calling Him A Snitch On "No Hook"

There was a time, decades ago, when Jay Z and his good friend DeHaven Irby, were as thick as thieves. The pair grew up together in the Marcy Houses projects and looked out for one another, but DeHaven claims that when he caught a case from the feds, Jay Z disappeared. We recently reported on a portion of DeHaven’s interview with Vlad TV where he speaks on feeling abandoned by Jay in his time of need. In another clip, DeHaven shares his thoughts on Jay’s American Gangster track “No Hook” where he accuses DeHaven of being a “snitch.”

So f*ck DeHaven for caving, that’s why we don’t speak / Made men ain’t supposed to make statements / End of the story, I followed the code, cracked the safe / Other n*ggas ain’t in the game so they practice hate,” Jay rapped on the song. Vlad outright asked DeHaven what led up to the scathing lyrics. DeHaven began by letting out a heavy sigh.

“That was about the YouTube,” he said. “I did a YouTube years ago when I lashed out on him. I lashed out on him. Hardbody on him. So, that was the answer and the reaction to that YouTube, and that was it… He come back and said I was a snitch.” DeHaven added that we all have witnessed how the culture has recently been affected by news of snitching. “I think it was a death sentence if you call somebody that,” he said of Jay’s accusation.

“I understood where he came from and where the anger came from,” Dehaven continued. He’s often asked if he would take back the words he said in the infamous YouTube video, and he answered he would. However, he still would have communicated his…

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