Summer Walker Is Fed Up: "I'm Being Bullied & I Don't Do Sh*t To Nobody"

On Monday, Summer Walker’s fans took to social media to voice their displeasure with the R&B singer. She was scheduled to perform in Toronto, a show that she was excited about, but there were reportedly a few hiccups that caused wires to get crossed. Summer took to her Instagram throughout the day to show herself traveling into Canada for the event alongside her boyfriend, producer London On Da Track, and when she arrived, she even took some time to meet up with Drake and Meek Mill. She posed for a few pictures that she shared on Instagram, and it seemed as if the Atlanta songstress was enjoying herself.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

However, unbeknownst to Summer, her fans were waiting at the venue, outside in the cold, for upwards of four hours. Many people documented their experiences on social media and it didn’t take long for Summer to once again become the target of negativity. Recently, Summer has come forward to defend herself, her live performances, and how she interacts with fans. The singer has vocalized that she struggles with social anxiety and has hoped that those who support her and her music would understand.

Monday’s mixup caused a less than sympathetic crowd to criticize the singer online, so on Tuesday, Summer took to her Instagram Live to explain what happened in detail. She refuted the rumors that she was late because she was hanging out with Drake and shared that she only saw him for two minutes. According to Summer, she had no idea people were waiting for so long and she showed up and performed when the venue told her to. She clarified that when she arrived at the venue she only had 10 minutes to finish her makeup before performing. If she any idea that there was commotion going on outside, she would have addressed that from the stage.

“I’m being bullied, and I don’t do sh*t to nobody,” she said. Summer added that how she’s being treated is “literally how people commit suicide,” because if…

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