Knicks Clap Back At Richard Jefferson After Contract Offer Claims

When you think of sorry NBA franchises, the New York Knicks should immediately the team that comes to mind. They have been abysmal for quite some time now and it’s been almost 50 years since they won their last championship. The team is in the midst of a rebuild which has been their perpetual state for quite some time now. Pundits love to take shots at the team and Richard Jefferson is no different. Recently, Jefferson claimed the Knicks were the only team willing to offer him a contract, which was his hint that maybe he should retire.

The clip was pretty hilarious although Knicks fans were a little annoyed that, once again, they were being clowned on so mercilessly. Oddly enough, the Knicks caught wind of Jefferson’s comments and immediately took to their public relations Twitter account to shoot down claims the team had offered him a deal. As you can see, many completely saw through this, including Jefferson who made sure to get a couple jokes off.