Tekashi 6ix9ine's Girlfriend Trashes Other Rappers & Says Music Was Boring In 2019

We’ve been following Tekashi 6ix9ine’s story closely, leading up to his historic downfall from his equally infamous “King of New York” phase. His tale is not yet complete though. In a few short weeks, we’ll be finding out how much time — if any — Tekashi will spend in prison. As of right now, his cooperation with the feds seems to point to a reality where the rainbow-haired scoundrel will be released from behind bars in one month. The star’s girlfriend Jade appears to believe that timeline as well, posting recently that she’ll be seeing her man in thirty-one days. Today, she decided to follow up with a photo of her beloved boo, explaining why she thinks it’s been a slow year for music.

After he was arrested late last year, we haven’t heard much from Tekashi69 himself. Much of the information that news outlets have gathered about the rapper comes from his hearings in court or his loved ones and friends. Jade has been a prominent source for gossip-based news on the tattooed 23-year-old. Several moments ago, she explained that if 6ix9ine were in the studio right now, the year would have gone much differently and nobody would be safe on the Billboard Hot 100.

Since 6ix9ine is in no position to brag right now, his girlfriend Jade is talking trash for him. We fully expect Tekashi to get back on his trolling tip when he makes it out of prison but for now, his girl is doing the dirty work….

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