The Game Claims His Album, "Born II Rap", Will Be Album Of The Year

It’s a bold move to claim that you made the best album of the year and even bolder to do that before you even release the project. Without The Game even seeing the public’s reaction to his album, Born II Rap, yet, he’s still confident that he’s going to stomp out all the competition. You gotta respect it. 

To share his hypothesis, the Compton rapper used an iconic image of the Western conference team from the 2008 NBA All-Star Game. Yao Ming, David West, Carlos Boozer, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony are photographed cheering from the bench. The Game creates a meme out of this to capture “[him and his] team showing love to the other albums that dropped this year… knowing #Born2Rap is really A.O.T.Y.” While someone claiming they have AOTY could be seen as arrogant, at least he’s a good sport about it. It’s also fitting that he used this image because he detailed how the album is 24 tracks in honour of his favourite basketball player, Kobe. 

Last week, The Game shared…

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