Lil Reese Puts Vlad Of Vlad TV On Blast: "He's A Bitch"

Certain media figures have cemented themselves as antagonists to the artists they seek to cover, and DJ Vlad has likely ruffled his share of feathers. Now, after suffering from a nearly-fatal shooting, Lil Reese has already made his presence felt. While his voice is out of commission for a few months, the rapper has wasted little time in getting back into the swing of things, taking to social media to voice a couple of grievances. Evidently, Reese seems to have nothing but contempt for DJ Vlad of Vlad TV, one of the game’s most notorious and prolific interview channels.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

When asked whether he’d link with Vlad for a tell-all interview, Reese left nothing on the table. “Vlad tv dude is a bitch and he don’t kno wtf he talkin about thats y i would never let that white pussy interview me pay me you wanna talk to me bitch,” he writes, making it clear he’s not about to censor himself in the name of decorum. Though the Tweet has since been deleted, Adam 22’s No Jumper preserved the callout on his IG page, and it can be seen below.

At this rate, Reese…

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