Tyga's Date Who Looks Like Kylie Jenner Revealed As Aspiring IG Model

Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship was well documented back in the day and now that reports have surfaced of Jenner breaking up with Travis Scott, people have been looking to put Tyga back in the picture. Both parties have been pretty covert about anything going on and are adamant they’re not dating. Despite this, Tyga seems pretty content about continuously being seen with Kylie Jenner lookalikes.

Recently, Tyga was on a date with one of these similar-looking women and the internet attempted to do some digging on who she is. According to TMZ, this recent mystery woman goes by the name Ana Beatriz Boaretto and the two have actually been hanging out since May. Based on her IG profile, she appears to be an aspiring model who has also worked on music videos.

For now, it seems like the two are just friends…

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