Omarion Says He'll Never Do Reality TV Again: "I Wasn't Represented Well"

Each day we keep getting updates on Omarion’s full-length interview with Vlad TV and the latest clip sees the B2K member making it very clear that he’ll most likely never do reality TV again. A few days ago Omarion explained why he joined the show in the first place and it was a move to get more love on his “Post To Be” single his record label wasn’t supporting at the time.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

At the time, he was dating Apryl Jones and after just two seasons he left the show and their relationship ended. While Omarion made it clear that he’s happy for his ex and her relationship with Lil Fizz, there’s no way he’s heading back to the series. “I wouldn’t do reality TV, I wouldn’t do that […],” he said. “As far as any Love & Hip Hop, any TV, any scripted reality I’m not interested.”

Elsewhere in the clip, Omarion explains that while he wouldn’t sign on again he has no regrets when it comes to his previous reality TV moves. “I think that when you come into this town – LA, Hollywood – it amplifies…

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