Aaron Carter & His Mother Called Out By PETA For "Slapping" Dog On IG Live

The unraveling of Aaron Carter has been painful to watch. The former child star and younger brother of boy band superstar Nick Carter has been displaying unsettling behaviors for the better parts of 2019. Aaron has been vocal about his struggles with addiction and mental health, but he’s also reveled in the attention that he’s received because of them.

JC Olivera/Getty Images

Nick has made public claims that Aaron has threatened to kill Nick’s wife, causing the concerned family member to take out a restraining order on his younger sibling.  This resulted in a tirade of accusations from Aaron where he called Nick a rapist and abuser. Aaron has tattooed the side of his face and has done bizarre interviews that have many questioning his mental health, and on Wednesday, he was reportedly hospitalized due to exhaustion. Prior to being admitted, the singer was on Instagram Live with his mother as they were driving. In the car with them were a brood of dogs, and Aaron’s mom was seen hitting one of them.

In response to the clip, animal rights group PETA called Aaron out on social media. “Have a heart, @aaroncarter ????,” PETA wrote on Twitter with a clip of the incident. “Dogs are family – not for IG likes. SLAPPING them or SELLING THEM for a profit when millions are homeless in shelters is cruelty.”

On Thursday, Aaron responded to PETA’s message and he adamantly denied that the dogs were being abused. His mother, Jane, also stated that she didn’t hit the dog, she only told it to “get back.” 

“No, the dogs aren’t locked up. Our dogs aren’t f–king locked up. Look at…

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