Lil Tecca Nearly Run Up On Before Hater Gets Tased By Security

17-year-old New York rapper Lil Tecca is currently experiencing an insane level of popularity, based almost solely on the success of his hit single “Ran$om.” The track, which was released earlier this year, spent a good chunk of time within the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and it remains one of the strongest bops of the year. His debut project We Love You Tecca delivered a number of other stand-outs but “Ran$om” is still the clear favorite. Despite his goofy appearance and his high-schoolish comportment, there are still plenty of opps trying to line Tecca, as he says in the song. That happened again during a recent Toronto concert when one of his haters from well before he blew up, Coloured Boy, tried to rush him during a performance.

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

In order for the aspiring rapper to try and attack Tecca, he needed to buy a ticket to get in so, still, he’s lining the youngin’s pockets. And he was unsuccessful in his attempt to jump the teenager, so… In a video reposted to DJ Akademiks’ page, the hip-hop commentator shared a flurry of clips from when security guards were forced to use a taser on the hater. According to the vid’s caption, CB fought through…

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