Irv Gotti Reveals He Pulled A Gun On Daughter's BF During Sex Talk

T.I.’s been facing some serious backlash in the past few days over his comments about his daughter’s hymen. Although many people have slammed him over taking his daughter to the doctor to find out if her hymen is still intact, there have been a few that agreed with him, or atleast understood where the Southern rapper was coming from. 

Irv Gotti previously stated that he respects T.I.’s parenting choices, claiming that the rapper is only trying to protect his daughter. However, he also mentioned that he, personally, wouldn’t make his daughter go through that. Gotti still has an unconventional take on parenting, apparently. He recently sat down with TMZ where he detailed his conversation about the birds and the bees with his daughter and the little “prank” he pulled on her boyfriend. 

“The last thing we want is for our daughters to be with guys like us,” he said. “I’m a realist. I might get backlash for this but I told my daughter when we had the talk… I keep it real with my kids, like I don’t lie to my kids. I told her sex feels good. If you have sex it’s gonna feel good but I said, ‘Yo, just make sure it’s respectful. Make sure — things may work out, things may…

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