Gilbert Arenas Spends Appearance On "The Jump" Roasting Richard Jefferson

Yesterday, Gilbert Arenas came on ESPN’s The Jump with former college teammate at the University of Arizona Richard Jefferson and the two spent a chunk of the segment constantly roasting each other. 

“He was a douche,” Arenas says, describing Jefferson as a teammate. “He was sarcastic, but if you had the fire, he pushed it out of you.” 

Arizona made it to the final four with Arenas and Jefferson on the team in 2001 but lost to Duke in the National Championship game.

“We went to the final four because of me,” Arenas says. “We lost in the final four because of him. He’s the reason why we might have got there, but he’s the reason why we lost,” Jefferson responds.

The two both entered the NBA draft afterward. Arenas was selected in the second round, while Jefferson was a lottery pick.

“Yes he was athletic, but that…

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