John Cena Reveals His Bizarre Pre-Fight Ritual: Watch

John Cena recently made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson show in promotion of his new film, “Playing With Fire,” and he took some time to discuss his early days in the WWE, which paved the way for his budding acting career. While taking a trip down memory lane, Cena revealed how is pre-match ritual involved eating a ridiculous amount Tic Tacs right before he went to the ring.

“My thing was always Tic Tacs,” says Cena (H/T EOnline). “It’s a nervous superstition that I always have before we go on a broadcast. It’s pretty much 10,000 calories and straight sugar.”

“I’ve had to wean myself off of them,” he admitted. “I would up to like three boxes a day and it’s right in the 20 minutes before broadcast.”

Of course, one of the benefits of eating an absurd amount of Tic Tacs is that his breathe was always fresh when he was delivering Attitude Adjustments. 

“You’re in a small confined space,” Cena continues. “The ring is 20 by 20 feet and you’re with a group of guys. So, you always want to try to smell your best.”

“But, here’s the thing, we are a global touring company,” he explains. “So, we’ll do, like, a show in Shanghai and then come back to San Francisco and do a show in San Francisco. And a lot of times—and you know this from being a touring musician—sometimes travel gets messed up, sometimes flights get delayed. So, you can, like, connect in Budapest, land…

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