R. Kelly Recruits Expert In Negotiating Plea Deals Onto His Legal Team

R. Kelly may have managed to narrowly have his charges acquitted in 2008 but the way his case is looking in 2019, it seems like he might be thrown in jail for a minute. Kelly was indicted on federal charges of sexual abuse and more earlier this year following Surviving R. Kelly. Things aren’t looking good for him right now, either. He was denied bond and his financial situation is looking pretty bleak right now. However, it seems like he’s doing whatever he can to escape his inevitable fate.

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Jeffrey Steinback was brought onto R. Kelly’s legal team for his “expertise” on dealing with the major charges against R. Kelly, The Tribune reports. Steinback’s known in the legal field as an expert in negotiating plea deals. Kelly’s team, as well as Steinback, denied that he was brought on board to try and make a deal. “I was brought in as another set of eyes,” Steinberg…

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