Fizz & Apryl Jones Showcase Their New Home On "LHHH" & Discuss Possible Pregnancy

Fizz and Apryl Jones are very much a couple and did a horrible job at hiding it on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. For weeks Fizz’s baby mother, Moniece, was made out to be a crazy woman when she alleged that the Fizz and Apryl were a couple and as time went on viewers slowing started to realize she wasn’t lying. 

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Considering that Fizz is a member of B2K and Apryl is Omarion’s ex and baby mother, people have had all kinds of things to say but it hasn’t fazed the new couple too much. “It’s the best dick of my life. It really genuinely is, I can’t even be mad I can’t not be happy because the happiness comes from just being happy. […] Ya’ll tryna really make me mad but I don’t know how to be mad, I’m not a mad person,” Apryl previously said.  

In a recent clip from the show, Fizz and Apryl move into their new home and discuss the hate they’ve been getting. “When we have this housewarming and invite people over there’s no outsiders that really need to come into this. We don’t owe them that,” Fizz says in the clip. 

After a little chit…

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