Ja Rule's Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Criticism Met With Fyre Festival Reminder

Many could argue that 50 Cent destroyed Ja Rule’s career but at times, it seems like Ja Rule did it for himself. Take, for example, his recent Twitter rant regarding the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. Ja Rule, who is still facing the public backlash of the disaster that was Fyre Festival, had some harsh words to say, specifically to the Black community, about the popularity of the sandwich. “Y’all really out here acting like n***s over a fucking chicken sandwich… smh… now I’m never gonna eat one on principles alone!!! Fucking idiots y’all are what’s wrong with our people… I’m so disappointed in my ppl we better than this,” he wrote.

It did not take long for him to face immediate backlash over the Fyre Festival incident that left many eating cheese sandwiches. One fan told Ja that he could’ve done better than Fyre Festival but the rapper still denies any wrongdoing. “We are FAR from even… trying to start a viable business that failed vs. cooning over a chicken sandwich… We are NOT the same,” he replied. That prompted another fan to remind him that Fyre Festival wasn’t actually a viable business. “I didn’t rob anyone Billy did that’s why he’s in prison… but continue to blame the black guy with false accounts of wtf happened,” he added.

Nevertheless, the Internet was very quick to remind Ja Rule of the two documentaries that dropped earlier this year. They also reminded him that a man was about to give someone a blowjob in order to provide water for the festival.

Internet: 1 Ja Rule: -10

Peep the reactions below.