Jets CB Darryl Roberts Eviscerates "Fake" Fans After Upset Loss To Dolphins

If you’re a fan of the New York Jets, it’s been a bit of a rough go as of late. The team is now 1-7 and yesterday, they lost to the Miami Dolphins which gave a tanking team their first win of the season. It was an embarrassing loss that Jets fans will remember for a long time especially with another game against Miami slated for a few weeks from now.

After the game, Jets cornerback Darryl Roberts was particularly upset with the fans who were giving him a hard time on social media. Roberts decided to take to his Instagram story where he threw some shots at all of the “fake” fans who keep giving the players negative energy.

“I’m sorry but it gotta be said!” Roberts wrote. “All y’all fake ass fans fucking kill me with that negative shit, if you rock wit us then rock wit us but if you ain’t then shut tf up please & go like another team. And another thing y’all stop @’n players talking crazy becus y’all know dam well you wouldn’t buss a grape in a fruit…

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