Nicki Minaj Drops Heavy Hints She's Pregnant Before Backtracking

Nicki Minaj is in a playful mood these days. As she enjoys her retirement (from releasing solo material), the superstar rapper is teasing everybody with tons of personal announcements. We had to guess for weeks whether or not she was actually married to Kenneth Petty, her childhood friend, until they finally revealed their rings to the world a few weeks ago. Now, the same thing is happening but, instead of speculating about marriage, we’re all wondering if she’s got a bun in the oven.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

For good reason, fans are going crazy, wondering aloud if Nicki Minaj is expecting a baby. Those rumors have been existent for the last year but now, there’s some weight to them. Out of nowhere, Minaj reportedly tweeted out a hint that she and Petty are officially welcoming their first child into the world. “Expecting a…,” wrote the recording artist before promptly deleting the post and replacing it with a “My bad y’all.” This follows a video that she shared yesterday where she and Petty joked about who bought her million-dollar wedding ring, laughing that her husband cut someone’s finger off for it.

This leaves the fans with so many questions. Firstly, is she pregnant or not? Second, was this all intentional the entire time? And finally, why is she being so…

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