LeBron James Reacts To NCAA's Latest Student Athletes Decision

Today is a huge day for college athletes in the United States as the NCAA Board of Governors announced that they would now allow athletes to be paid for the use of their name or likeness. For years, the NCAA remained strict on this issue and many players took offense to the NCAA’ stifling of potential earnings. These athletes are worth a lot of money to their respective schools and in the near future, they’ll be able to explore that.

LeBron James has been a huge advocate of student-athletes and has campaigned for laws like this to be put into effect. After hearing the good news today, James took to Twitter where he voiced his feelings on the matter.

“Its a beautiful day for all college athletes going forward from this day on! Thank you guys for allowing me to bring more light to it,” LeBron wrote. “I’m so proud of the team…

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