Cam'ron On Calling Out Kanye West: "Whatever I Said Was Some Facts"

Cam’ron is never one to hold his tongue and that’s why it’s great that he doing his press run for  Purple Haze 2. The rapper’s highly anticipated interview with Elliot Wilson and B. Dot on RapRadar finally went live today where Cam dishes out on his illustrious career — from rapping with Big L and the Roc-A-Fella era, even to a time when Dipset had a run-in with BMF.

Cam also dished out on his relationship with Kanye West and why he appeared to diss on a few tracks in recent times. B. Dot asked why he was going so hard on Kanye on the Diplomats album but Cam explained he was just stating facts. “I just be saying what happened and people are like, ‘he dissed him.’ I never dissed nobody. I’ve never dissed these people. I just really be stating what happened and because you state what happened, people are like, ‘you dissed him. You went hard on him.’ Or whatever. But, I don’t know what I said,” Cam said. “You called him Uncle Tom or something like that,” B. Dot interjected.

“I don’t remember. I’m not saying I didn’t but I’m just sayin’,” he said. “Kanye’s my man. I got love for Kanye, too. I remember something happened and Dame was saying like, ‘Nah, he does this ’cause he bipolar.’ And I’m like, ‘Yo what you talkin’ ’bout? We knew Kanye for mad years and now he’s bi-polar.’… I’m not saying he’s not, I just never knew this. So I kind of wrote about that in that verse.”

“I’m pretty sure whatever I said was some facts that was goin’ on. I remember the bipolar part because Dame told me that shit and he was kind of trying to make an excuse for some shit. I don’t remember what it was,” he continued….

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