LeBron James Credits NBA 2K For Helping Him Prepare For Lakers' New Roster

LeBron James takes his NBA 2K gaming just as seriously as he approaches his real-life games, which is something that he says helped him prepare for the Lakers’ season. It also got under the skin of his friends during their NBA 2K sessions.

Following the Lakers’ 120-101 victory over the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday night, LeBron was asked about the versatility of the Lakers roster, and he explained how his style of play on the court is exactly the same as when he’s on the sticks.

“I play just like I play in real life on video games, which really makes a lot of my friends upset. They expect me to shoot every time, and I don’t.”

“I play the right way. I look for the pick and roll, if they double, find shooters,” he explained. “I go for four-on-threes on the backside. If they’ve got a guy hot, I trap his pick and rolls, I double him. I play real basketball, not fake basketball.”