Jussie Smollet's Request To Dismiss City Of Chicago's $130K Lawsuit Rejected

At this point, Jussie Smollett would probably like nothing more than to put this who alleged hoax attack behind him. The actor has been disgraced in the media, called a liar by the public, and has been fired from his hit show Empire. Smollett’s career was at an all-time high when he was allegedly attacked on the streets of Chicago by who he described as being two white men shouting racial epithets, but now he’s facing off in court with Windy City officials.

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The District Attorney may have dropped the charges against Smollett, but there is still a lawsuit filed against him by the City of Chicago. The Chicago Police Department has openly stated that it is their belief Smollett staged the attack on himself and falsified a police report, so officials have made it their mission to get the actor to pay in some way. If they can’t prosecute him, they’re going for his wallet for what they claim was a waste of time and resources. The City of Chicago has sued Smollett for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the actor, along with his attorneys, has asked a judge to dismiss the…

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