Chris Brown Reacts To Rihanna Video Listening To One Of His Songs

The majority of Rihanna’s fanbase does not want the pop star to ever think of/mention/listen to/date Chris Brown ever again in her life. They’ve made that very clear but, for some reason, the Virginia-based singer isn’t making it easy for them to forget about his existence. After all the controversies they lived through as a couple, Breezy is still seemingly still fiending for his ex-girlfriend. Some would consider them to be soulmates but, right now, Rihanna is spending time with her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel. That’s not stopping CB from shooting his shot any chance he gets though.

A few weeks ago, the star could be found in RiRi’s comments section, wishing he were the lamp in her lingerie photo. He earned some backlash for the remark but then joked that he would be capitalizing on the hatred by marketing a lamp with his face on it. Things got even more complicated this weekend when the head of Fenty Beauty shared a video to promote a new collection of lip glosses and, in the background, she was playing a CB record. According to The Blast, Brown’s song “Come Together” was playing in the background and, of course, the singer…

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