Instagram Gallery: Jim Jones' Insane Fitness Regimen

Joining the ranks of other rappers like Kevin Gates, The Game and Drake who are all too eager to flex their workout routines on social media, Jim Jones is no exception. Despite the fact that the Dipset rapper is over 40, the consistency and quality of his fitness regimen reflects the dedication and tenacity of a man half his age. Sitting down with DJ Smallz, Jones dished on how his time in the gym helps him feel young and keeps him at the top of his game, both mentally and physically. 

“I’m a beast in the gym,” admits the Harlem-bred rapper. “We do it all. I like to workout and stay in shape. From lifting heavy to calisthenics to working on legs to playing basketball…you name it. If it’s working out, I’m with it. I just like to stay in shape as much as I can.” 

“I know a bunch of trainers that are considered the best at what they do,” Jones continues. “Every place I go I got a group of people that I kind of work out with.” Revealing the true extent of his fitness obsession, Jones then adds that he is far from strict with his diet due to the fact that his time spent shredding allows him to eat as he pleases. 

“My diet is 50/50,” says Jones. “Sometimes I’m off, sometimes I’m on it, other times I just eat what I want but I work out so much that it works itself out.”

For a collection of Jim Jones’ hardest gym flexes, check out the Instagram gallery below. 

Big Chest 

“We got busy on Sunday big chest,” captions Jones alongside a video clip of himself on what was clearly an upper body workout day. 

Garage Workout 

Jim Jones knocks this set of chin-ups out like it’s nothing. 

Lifting Heavy 

Even while racked to the limit, Jones completes this set of pause reps with ease. 

Leg Day 

Jones never misses leg day. 

Stay Focused 

“Stay focus nothin Happens over night,” captions Jones alongside a short clip of himself putting in work on back day. 

Start The Week Right

“Monday is the best day to reset,” says Jones, reminding his followers to stay focused and start their week of right. 

On The Road 

Jones doesn’t use his time on the…

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